Tools used

This entry is dedicated to open-source and freeware applications using which, I have created this blog.

Entire website is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) based.

Core blogging application is serendipity (ref. Reason behind choosing serendipity was the editor used for entering blog entries. Other blogging applications either don’t have any WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor or with very limited functionalities. Though, I had some tough time editing templates for layout and changing colors / fonts in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as per my requirements, but it paid me off at the end. Further, I have disabled few modules from the administrative interface and added few custom one like – ‘Write back to me’, ‘Visit Count’, ‘Albums’, ‘Shout’, ‘Recommendation’ and ‘Link Exchanges’. Serendipity don’t have expendable ‘Archive’ menu, so I took off their code and written a JavaScript based toggle menu. I find their ‘Calendar’ and ‘Quicksearch’ quite handy. Calendar will highlight date of entries, while search box is Ajax based, so as soon as you start typing into it, it will start giving list of all possible blog entries matching with your keywords.

Shoutbox is written by my self and it’s a one page application and works on simple form submission, though visitors can not post html content or messages with quotes ( ‘ ).

Album is phpGraphy (ref. application, which I have added today itself. Though, if you search for PHP based album on web this will not be the first one which you will get, but trust me it’s quite handy, simple and robust than other popular one. To keep my blog and album application in sync, I did some template modifications and color changes. Hope you will not find it ugly.

My thanks to entire open-source and freeware community!

Cheers 🙂