I am sure

It seems I have done some crime after deleting my public profiles and getting ride of unnecessary email ids and chatting tools. No one is happy with my decision and getting complains from close friends and loved ones. Some times I use to think to revise my decision and going back same junkyard… but will never do this because of two reasons, first – it was painful to get rid of those and second – I am stubborn πŸ˜€

I am not against Internet there are a lot of productive and innovative things can be done with this. It’s a very good knowledge base, but what I can not understand is the concept of meeting with people online, when you know them personally and can approach them in-person or with other better ways. Situation becomes even worst when you both are sitting under same roof.

It doesn’t means that I am not going to use emails and chat, but very limited. Hope this decision will help me to improve my interpersonal skills.

It doesn’t mean either that I want to go away from you guys / gals, you know that how much I love you all… please don’t take it too hard πŸ™‚