There can be two other titles for this entry ‘Summery-2008’ or ‘Self Realization’ are possible. I am trying to summarize key events of 2008, few lesson learned and also there will be some New Year resolutions.

2008 was quite an eventful year for me, Births and Deaths, Ups and Downs, Meets and Parts, Marriages and no breakups (thanks God… 😀 ) and with all these happening, I was watching every thing, sitting at far distant corner, evaluating things happening with my own point of view… few noticed me, few left me unnoticed.

As far my personal graph is concerned it was parallel for 2008, which raises my concerns about it. I was evaluation things which I did for this entire year which distracted me from my focus; those were my habits and my addictions.

For 2009 resolution it’s to get rid of addiction, any form of addiction, whether its food or music, internet or messengers, if I have any addiction will get rid of all those. A list of all those addiction is already cooked, will keep on posting as soon as I will get rid of those. To start with I said Good bye to all my public profiles and social networking websites. You might be wondering why I am doing this, simple reason is that, I was becoming addict of those, being a techie I can learn things quickly and start using it, and these were taking a lot of time and energy of mine worthlessly. After honestly evaluating these portals, found its of no use for me, as those who want to be in touch with me can drop me a mail or can give me call, same can I do for them. There are faster way of communication than networking websites.

I will get rid of every thing which distracted me from my focus; I can not afford luxury to waste my time, as still have to go far from here, break limits. Blog is rather handy and it has a different purpose all together, so can afford to spend couple of hours in a week to log my point.

I have made a promise to my self when 2007 was ending, I will not make any commitment to anyone until I am absolutely sure that I can do that. With grace of God, I was able to keep that, so no cries and tears, and no raised eyebrows because of that… I wish I can continue this for years to come…