Merry Christmas

It was about 12 noon when I got SMS from Rishi, he asked about watching the movie Ghazni. I initially thought to refuse that as yesterday it self I watched a movie. Later accepted as I don’t have anything to do, so it better to go out and chill rather than just sitting home and doing nothing, I quickly shave and took a shower to get ready. There is another Sunil who was there to buy the tickets. Unfortunately due to first day of movie we didn’t manage to get tickets of show which we were planning to watch, but got for a later show. We reshuffled plans to spent time wondering around City Hall, eat something and go for snow bowling before movie. Got a suggestion from ‘Sunil the second’, to try ‘Bombay Cafe’ which is at Suntec city. I normally prefer to go for a sandwich or burger in this situation. Food there was focusing more on international crowd rather than ‘Desi’ like me 😀 . It was less salty and very less spicy but was good overall. Tried Chola-Samosa from Rashmis’ plate, it was good, will take Anshu there just for this only 🙂 .

Waiting time for snow bowling was 1 hr and it was 5 already, as one game will take another 1 hr so will be late for movie, decided to drop the idea of snow bowling. We spent rest of time wondering around Suntec and taking pictures and moved towards theater later on.

Its’ not worth mentioning about the movie here, but when we came out it was 10:30, because of a working day tomorrow, I was in rush to reach at home, so that I can finish rest of things on time, before I finally retire. It was already very late to do anything, so will go to bed just after logging these lines… here are few pictures …