It was a half day of off at work due to Christmas Eve tomorrow and this helps me add some randomness in daily fixed routine. Yes! I am literally sick of this fix routine of my life; I am doing same thing again and again and no change. I don’t know how to look into my life – blessed or cursed. Blessed because I still have a job to do and something to finish or cursed due to this irritating fixed routine life.

Do you know what I am doing these days, some times I am retuning by bus and some times I use to change to MRT at Eunos just to break this systematic life style. You can take this as a funny note as you are not at my situation.

Things will change a bit but more or less remain same for rest of life… Working class… a part of production unit… just a component of machinery… damm…

Bought a pizza while retuning back, was not in mood to look into kitchen. Started watching TV, did some surfing on net and soon gets fed up…

While surfing on net saw that there is a new movie of Shahrukh is released, Rishi already told a lot about this movie, "Rub ne bana di jodi" (Match Made in Heaven), decided to watch that. What a movie that was!!! Commendable work in every part of movie, what I was watching was me on screen, but honestly I think actually story ended bit early, before movie ends. This is done to make those happy who are habitual of watching "A happy ending movie" LOL. But it was good to see that now a day’s actor like SRK is doing such a close to real life movies.