Pulau Ubin

Finally, we made it today, we mean me and Sunil, I asked him once to join and he becomes ready, thanks to him. We started around 12 from home and reached to "Tanah Merah" by MRT, took bus #2 from there to "Changi Village" and finally ferry to the destination. A ferry charge was S$ 2.5 per head one way. It was around 2 PM when we reached there at "Pulau Ubin". Rented a bicycle (S$ 3) and started from west most trails. There are 3 trails – west, center and east. We went through all tracks one by one. I was badly sweating, and drunken most of the water, further purchased energy drinks to get revitalize myself.

Pulau Ubin is full of landscapes, and it has its own beauty in it. Gray was the most prominent color after green due to swampy land. Witnessed "Mangrove Vegetation" again, which I saw at "Sungai Buloh" first time.

There was a place, where I got a welcome SMS from some service provider of Malaysia. If I am not wrong, I was able to see Johor Bahru. My mobile was also showing that network, rather than service provider of Singapore.

We were badly tired due to excessive cycling after long, I was planning to watch movie after returning back, but postponed it to tomorrow due to muscle fatigue. Not sure how much more painful it will be tomorrow :D.

I need a warm shower before I go to bed.

Changi Village Jetty

A fisherman Hut

Main Street

Our Rockets

I wish this track remains as it is forever… This reminds me the road of my village … 🙂

I don’t know what kind of house is this … if any one knows, please let me know 😛

He was friendly …

but not if you are naughty. "Excuse me sir, you are crossing your limit" 😀

I hope you can see 2 crabs in this… they were very shy and testing my patience to give me a snap. They were very fast to move in their holes but were coming out very slowly and carefully. I have used full zoom of my cam to get them as they were very small.

Pulau Ubin Jetty