Sorry for not logging on Sunday and Monday… though these days were off days but there was nothing special which I did, so there was nothing to log…

As it was raining entire day on Monday, I was unable to move even out side of home. In evening decided to explore airlines options available for India on Internet, though there are many, but in my budget there are only 2. I got a very good deal in one of them, immediately booked the ticket online and then booked tickets for train also. Good thing was, I will not be wasting my weekends and I got all confirm booking for both airline and train.

My home town is around 600 kilometers from Delhi, which will take one night journey by train.

I already started writing my To-Do list, whom to meet, where to go, what to do and Yes!!! "WHAT TO EAT" ;). There are quite a good number of fast foods, which I always miss here. Those are now going to be my breakfast, lunch and dinner till I will be there. :).

I always loved winters, as I can roam around, I can spend time with friends and family sitting around bonfire, eating roasted groundnuts with ‘Ginger Chatni’ etc.

This time I have plan for long drives, especially for nature reserve, Jungle and waterfall. I hope I will be able to drive after a gap of 8 months.

Feeling excited after thinking all of these.

I know that few very close friends in Delhi are angry with me; they are not even replying my e-mails :(. Hope I will be able to convince them to understand me and understand what happened with me during my last visits.

I am quite sure that, I will be having sufficient material to log with many amazing pictures :)…