I haven’t done any thing special on Sunday and Monday, on Sunday due to some work and on Monday due to rain :(.

Because I was sitting idle at home, decided to explore various options available to travel home (Delhi and then Allahabad). Actually in my range there were only two, selected one by which I can save my leaves and stay more at home, so that I can enjoy few marriages and winters :). I booked Air and Train tickets online, as they were cheaper than booking through agents. Luckily I have got all confirm booking for both to and fro journey.

So now my plan is to leave Singapore on 6-Feb-2009 at midnight and will be reaching at New Delhi on morning (2:20 AM) of 7-Feb. Will stay there for whole day at my brothers’ place and meet old pals like – Rajkumar, Farhan, Pradeep, Anurag and Ragini. Both Ragini and Farhan are now blessed with one daughter each. I am also eager to meet Gudiya and her hubby Suryakant. As 7-Feb will be a Saturday, so I hope most of them will be at home only, if not please be ;).

Will be leaving for my home town Allahabad from Delhi on 7-Feb night with my youngest bro-in-law, this will be an over-night journey by train (tickets book already). So I will be there at my ‘Sweet Home’ on 8-Feb.

14-Feb and 15-Feb are the dates of a marriage and a reception of a close family friend. Rest other days; I will be driving around various places to meet friends, relatives. I also have some plan to visit nearby nature-reserves and Jungles. I will be definitely having bonfire and ‘Litti-Choka’ party :). For those who never heard about Litti-Choka, it is a kind of North Indian barbequed vegetarian food.

I know that, I still can drive my bike and car very well. I am not over confident :).

Process of returning back will start on 20-Feb (from Allahabad to Delhi) and 22-Feb which is Sunday (from Delhi to Singapore).

I am going to apply for leaves tomorrow it self. Despite my careful and well planned approach, I am still not sure that, there will not be any problem in this program. I am having my finger crossed … 🙂

I hope I will get a lot of amazing pictures and some sweet memories to log here.