Because of 3 continuous offs, I tried to experience laziness today. I left utensils in washbasin unwashed, I left cloth in washing machine and tried to forget them, and I have written 2 versions of shout-box and uploaded none of them on my blog, also decided to go for shopping in morning and went in the evening ;).

It was really tough to watch TV, when you have so many things waiting to get finished, but yes this was a unique experience. I know after bringing kids back here, I will not be able to spare any time to think even, I’m not sure how I will be logging then but for the time being I can do this.

As Ananyas’ DP is approved now, I have to get all of them back here. To start this I called back home, got a reply that this is not a good month (which is known as ‘Khar-maas’) to travel and if I have to go there, then dates will be after 15 th of Jan 2009. Oh God! Well I blocked the tickets for the time being and will explore all other options with dates, so that I can get best one. Need to check if any good deal is available in India also :D.

I have written 2 variants of shout-box, one using Ajax and another with simple form submission. Finally approved the one without Ajax as there was no point hitting server every few seconds when there will be one or two entries in a day.

We did some shopping at Serangoon after blocking tickets.

I don’t know how I am going to pass rest 2 days and what I will do, I have never been to “Pulau Ubin” and most of my friends including Sunil went there many times. I asked Sunil about this place, he said there is nothing, “Yes, this is the place I want to go, where there is nothing”, but if I have to go there then I have to do it alone :(. Let’s see, will keep you posted … till then

Take care,