Last week was full of injuries, few to me and few to others because of me 😀

Tuesday – My thigh muscle gets pulled while doing stretching in evening. This makes me uncomfortable for 3 days. I was unable to walk properly, now its ok, so no worries…

Wednesday – I crushed feet of a lady in train :D. This was not completely my fault, but it could have been avoided if I was attentive at that time… Let me explain it ok? What happened was, just before Orchard Road Station train stops, I was standing at that time, thought to increases volume of ear phone and as soon as I released the bar the train moves, because of reflexes my feet moves wider to make balance and her feet comes under my shoes. Sole of my right shoe rubs her toe skin. I felt the same pain after seeing her facial expressions, I said "Sorry" immediately, thanks God she didn’t slapped me :D. I am still feeling guilty about that 😦

Today i.e. Friday – I burned tip of right hand Index finger, it is still giving me pain and I’m unable to type or click properly. I touched hot burner in kitchen this morning. I also heard the sound ‘Chaaaaa’, which comes when some cold thing comes in contact with hot. Ah, it was painful…

So, that was a quick brief of last week. There is going to be 3 days of off, as Monday will be Eid al-Adha (Bakr-Id / Hari Raya Korban / Hari Raya Haji) here. I am hoping there will not be any rain here so that I can plan to tour few places.

This is a time of Northeast Monsoon here, unlike chilling winter of North India; we are getting afternoon showers here.