2009 at Marina Bay




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May God give you love to make you feel really loved!


There can be two other titles for this entry ‘Summery-2008’ or ‘Self Realization’ are possible. I am trying to summarize key events of 2008, few lesson learned and also there will be some New Year resolutions.

2008 was quite an eventful year for me, Births and Deaths, Ups and Downs, Meets and Parts, Marriages and no breakups (thanks God… πŸ˜€ ) and with all these happening, I was watching every thing, sitting at far distant corner, evaluating things happening with my own point of view… few noticed me, few left me unnoticed.

As far my personal graph is concerned it was parallel for 2008, which raises my concerns about it. I was evaluation things which I did for this entire year which distracted me from my focus; those were my habits and my addictions.

For 2009 resolution itÒ€ℒs to get rid of addiction, any form of addiction, whether its food or music, internet or messengers, if I have any addiction will get rid of all those. A list of all those addiction is already cooked, will keep on posting as soon as I will get rid of those. To start with I said Good bye to all my public profiles and social networking websites. You might be wondering why I am doing this, simple reason is that, I was becoming addict of those, being a techie I can learn things quickly and start using it, and these were taking a lot of time and energy of mine worthlessly. After honestly evaluating these portals, found its of no use for me, as those who want to be in touch with me can drop me a mail or can give me call, same can I do for them. There are faster way of communication than networking websites.

I will get rid of every thing which distracted me from my focus; I can not afford luxury to waste my time, as still have to go far from here, break limits. Blog is rather handy and it has a different purpose all together, so can afford to spend couple of hours in a week to log my point.

I have made a promise to my self when 2007 was ending, I will not make any commitment to anyone until I am absolutely sure that I can do that. With grace of God, I was able to keep that, so no cries and tears, and no raised eyebrows because of that… I wish I can continue this for years to come…

Merry Christmas

It was about 12 noon when I got SMS from Rishi, he asked about watching the movie Ghazni. I initially thought to refuse that as yesterday it self I watched a movie. Later accepted as I don’t have anything to do, so it better to go out and chill rather than just sitting home and doing nothing, I quickly shave and took a shower to get ready. There is another Sunil who was there to buy the tickets. Unfortunately due to first day of movie we didn’t manage to get tickets of show which we were planning to watch, but got for a later show. We reshuffled plans to spent time wondering around City Hall, eat something and go for snow bowling before movie. Got a suggestion from ‘Sunil the second’, to try ‘Bombay Cafe’ which is at Suntec city. I normally prefer to go for a sandwich or burger in this situation. Food there was focusing more on international crowd rather than ‘Desi’ like me πŸ˜€ . It was less salty and very less spicy but was good overall. Tried Chola-Samosa from Rashmis’ plate, it was good, will take Anshu there just for this only πŸ™‚ .

Waiting time for snow bowling was 1 hr and it was 5 already, as one game will take another 1 hr so will be late for movie, decided to drop the idea of snow bowling. We spent rest of time wondering around Suntec and taking pictures and moved towards theater later on.

Its’ not worth mentioning about the movie here, but when we came out it was 10:30, because of a working day tomorrow, I was in rush to reach at home, so that I can finish rest of things on time, before I finally retire. It was already very late to do anything, so will go to bed just after logging these lines… here are few pictures …


It was a half day of off at work due to Christmas Eve tomorrow and this helps me add some randomness in daily fixed routine. Yes! I am literally sick of this fix routine of my life; I am doing same thing again and again and no change. I don’t know how to look into my life – blessed or cursed. Blessed because I still have a job to do and something to finish or cursed due to this irritating fixed routine life.

Do you know what I am doing these days, some times I am retuning by bus and some times I use to change to MRT at Eunos just to break this systematic life style. You can take this as a funny note as you are not at my situation.

Things will change a bit but more or less remain same for rest of life… Working class… a part of production unit… just a component of machinery… damm…

Bought a pizza while retuning back, was not in mood to look into kitchen. Started watching TV, did some surfing on net and soon gets fed up…

While surfing on net saw that there is a new movie of Shahrukh is released, Rishi already told a lot about this movie, "Rub ne bana di jodi" (Match Made in Heaven), decided to watch that. What a movie that was!!! Commendable work in every part of movie, what I was watching was me on screen, but honestly I think actually story ended bit early, before movie ends. This is done to make those happy who are habitual of watching "A happy ending movie" LOL. But it was good to see that now a day’s actor like SRK is doing such a close to real life movies.

Arbitrary lines

Felt stiffed back this morning when I woke up… it was because of over sleeping and not because of any hard work… I was working up till 3 last night and then slept like any thing… woke up at 10 πŸ˜€ … rigidness was there for some time, but gone after some movements of body…

As I have to spend my day with my laptop, decided to look into overall visitors of blog, noticed that, there are few who regularly use to read my blog, they are from all parts of world, I think world is becoming smaller and smaller day by day with spread of Internet… I thank all of you for reading my blog with or without my notice… πŸ™‚

Added a visitor count on home page, this was not a time taking process but I was bit lazy. Trust me those numbers are correct and not fake … hehe …

Excitement of Christmas is already started and holiday time is near… and again I haven’t planned any thing, not sure what I will be doing in those offs…

Had a conversation with dad on phone, he is aware that I am coming in Feb, but mentioned that he wants to see me, same as I do πŸ™‚

Will write some thing more on 25 th (If I did any thing special) … till then

Take care…

House arrest

I was supposed to be monitoring servers on weekends and for that I must be present at home or office, decided to stay at home. At the same time Sunil manages to get pass of "Science Park" from his office, using which 4 people can go there. I was in dilemma whether I stay at home or go to Science Park. I was sure that nothing is going to be wrong with servers and if any one can just look into those then I can spare few hours for my visit. Further I already committed to Sunil that I will join him. Luckily I found few of colleagues online and they were kind enough to take care. After giving my cell phone number to them, I was free for the trip.

As 4 people can go there Sunil invited Rishi and Rashmi also. I found park interesting and good for kids in primary. I was bit too old kid and soon become bored, but noticed that a lot of kids were enjoying there.

After spending just half an hour in side, I came out and took few naps while sitting on chair out side the Park LOL. I was waiting others to come out also so that we can start returning back. I was in hurry to return back and becoming bit worried about servers now, though was confident that every thing will be just fine.

I was working with others till late night and chatting with them to assist them. I have to be looking after server tomorrow full day, so that other spares at least a day of their weekend.

Try to see between polls, can not find any thing then die…

Image created on poll is reflection of painting …

Finally Rishi manages to get rid of her… 


I feeling sleepy but can not sleep,
Can not sit neither can stand,
Hungry but can not eat,
Want to say but speechless,
World is enemy but shaking hands,
Sadly smiling …

No-no I am not in love… not again… neither it’s a poem or something… these are my real feelings … There is very correct word for this in typical English πŸ˜› , but I can not write that πŸ˜€ hehe


Pulau Ubin

Finally, we made it today, we mean me and Sunil, I asked him once to join and he becomes ready, thanks to him. We started around 12 from home and reached to "Tanah Merah" by MRT, took bus #2 from there to "Changi Village" and finally ferry to the destination. A ferry charge was S$ 2.5 per head one way. It was around 2 PM when we reached there at "Pulau Ubin". Rented a bicycle (S$ 3) and started from west most trails. There are 3 trails – west, center and east. We went through all tracks one by one. I was badly sweating, and drunken most of the water, further purchased energy drinks to get revitalize myself.

Pulau Ubin is full of landscapes, and it has its own beauty in it. Gray was the most prominent color after green due to swampy land. Witnessed "Mangrove Vegetation" again, which I saw at "Sungai Buloh" first time.

There was a place, where I got a welcome SMS from some service provider of Malaysia. If I am not wrong, I was able to see Johor Bahru. My mobile was also showing that network, rather than service provider of Singapore.

We were badly tired due to excessive cycling after long, I was planning to watch movie after returning back, but postponed it to tomorrow due to muscle fatigue. Not sure how much more painful it will be tomorrow :D.

I need a warm shower before I go to bed.

Changi Village Jetty

A fisherman Hut

Main Street

Our Rockets

I wish this track remains as it is forever… This reminds me the road of my village … πŸ™‚

I don’t know what kind of house is this … if any one knows, please let me know πŸ˜›

He was friendly …

but not if you are naughty. "Excuse me sir, you are crossing your limit" πŸ˜€

I hope you can see 2 crabs in this… they were very shy and testing my patience to give me a snap. They were very fast to move in their holes but were coming out very slowly and carefully. I have used full zoom of my cam to get them as they were very small.

Pulau Ubin Jetty