Remedy required

I woke up around half an hour early this morning, as I have reach at work early. I always find it hard to change my routine especially wake up timing, because I have to go against nature and FORCE things to ‘happen’, which I failed to do so, finally concluded after returning back… (Excuse me, if you are having your meal at the moment)

I have not planned, how to live 2 days of my weekend, I want to live until things seem smooth going. May be I will try to polish my forgotten skill of sketching, if any thing comes out good will share with you for sure :-) 

It (credit crunch) is spreading like a infectious disease and no one is immune to it, neither me… it has already started talking its toll; I am infected too but still surviving, not sure for long I can resist though… I wish they will come up with a good remedy soon …