St John's and Kusu Islands

Our ship caption

A little info about St John’s Island

Lunch @ St John’s

View of St. John’s Beach

Its a small shell, earlier used as currency in many countries… (I become Rich lor !!!). Size not more than 1.5 CM in length.

The Ferry

A little info about Kusu Island

Kusu Jetty

Famous Turtles

Comodo and Turtles in wish pond

Make a wish … Mine "World Peace" …

A wish at Kusu Kramat

Next Gen IT professional at Da Bogong Temple

Bonsai at Da Bogong Temple [Tree name ‘Wrightia Religiosa’]

Wishing Well at Da Bogong Temple… my wish "Peace between us" 😉

A row of Gymnosperms – ‘Cycus’, species?… duno, left Botany in 96 already :D… but remember that they use to grow 1 meter in 100 years…

Why this girl?…Yah !!! Good question… she was watching 2 kids playing in ferry and want to play with them… but her parents were not allowing, some time she was smiling (with joy of kids) and some times, I noticed sadness in her faced due to her situation as she was unable to play with them… Sorry, i failed to capture her face in sadness… otherwise no words would be needed…

Low Batteries – Sunil, Rishi, Rashmi…

Was trying to capture sky line of SG from various places, this one is best among worsts… This is the best i can do with "point in shoot cam". 😦