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I was 11:30 PM, when I found my self sleepless on bed, what’s
wrong? Why I am not feeling sleepy? No clues…

Anyways I decided to take a walk and put my Khaki, ear phone
on and walked out from home…

Saw few people on ground level playing guitar and enjoying
their weekend, “that’s good, have a nice time”, smiled and moved ahead…

Got company of a lady with 2 kids, one on her arms and another
one walking with her having books in her hand, don’t know where they were
heading, but definitely not for walk, neither returning back to home as their
direction was towards Ring road. “It’s more than 11:30 and they are going
towards road. Is every thing alright?” – thought in my mind.

Noticed that all most all parking lots were full and rest
are going to fill soon, as more and more cars are coming back, mostly families
who went out for weekend outing or meet relatives or friends. “Yah, I was
always enjoyed this kind of weekend outings, when I was in Delhi”, missing that part.

I was heading towards Khatib central market, found a shop
still open, and decided to have an ice cream, chocolate flavored one. :D, MNC’s
making life very easier for a common man like me by providing same thing around
the world… Yes!!! Same brand of ice cream is available here also with same

I recalled that night of Delhi, when I lost a bet with Gudiya. The bet
was to finish a large size cone of ice cream within 100 meters of walk. She likes
ice cream a lot. 🙂

All most all chairs were empty in front of the shop, which
normally use to remain full with people in evening, only few people were
wondering here and there. I decided to finish my ice cream peacefully and then
think of any thing else…

It’s Saturday and midnight, but still people returning back
from work. “Not every one has a luxury of Saturday off”, I thought while finishing
ice cream. I remembered beginning of my career, when I use to sleep 3 nights of 6 working days in
office and I use to work as late as 4 AM.

Chosen ring road to return back, just to get a glimpse of
buses and to know how many more people still traveling. Saw my “lucky charm” Bus
#854 on the first turn it self, it was half empty, I wish they were not going to
work or Bedok, “its far away man, it will be more than 1 when you will reach
there”. Buses coming from opposite side of road were still full and people are traveling
by standing also.

I reached back under my block again… saw same group enjoying
beer and music… “At least there are few who can still cherish and don’t need to
bother about global credit crunch”…

It’s around 1 and those traveling in bus #854 will be
reaching to Bedok now… I have to go to bed … I have to wake up early, have to
go to Kush… will update you on this tomorrow 🙂

Good Night,