A busy Sunday

Was focusing on a lot of things, other than usual work, as many things planned for today.

I have to carefully select and install blog software on my web site. Manage to get one, but there were few part related with the software, which was hardcoded and can not be removed and very fewer GUI options. Though I can alter code to remove unnecessary thing, but I have scrape that due to GUI and extra effort required. Unfortunately this took a lot of my day time day.

‘Quantum of Solace’, yes this was another thing planned for today… I’m a big fan of Bond movies and I religiously use to watch them without fail, I don’t care whether they will be a hit or flop, or who is playing Bond, I feel that it’s my duty to watch them… I rushed to cinema for 5:35 PM show and the movie was about to start when I entered into the hall. Last two releases of Bond movies fell shorter than my exceptions, lesser in terms of action and thrill OK? (Please don’t take me wrong).

I already invited Rishi and Rashmi on dinner tonight. Unfortunately when I returned it was 8 already… so we immediately started cooking with out any further delay and we manage to finish our dinner by 10.