Few updates

Let me quickly log few things…

First – it seems my laptops battery is gone… it is not giving even a second of backup, it may be due to any other reason also… not sure, I have to take this to service center, let’s see when I will be able to do this; It’s more than 2 year old already. I pray that it won’t come heavy to my pocket… LOL

Second – I need hair cut now and I have to seriously think about it… I can no longer tolerate wired eyes looking at me; neither can I explain that I use to take bath daily (to those who questioned me about my neatness). My hairs go haywire after certain length, which I can not be control by any mean, not even with the thickest gel available in the market. 😛

Third – I updated my cell phone firmware again and lost all my contacts again. Oh my God, why I did that. This is second time in last 6 months when I did this and lost all my contacts :(. As my new memory card was troubling me, so I searched few forums and what they recommended is resulted in this chaos. So please update me with your contact if you are reading this, you can write me at pawan269 at Gmail, yahoo (dot com) or hotmail. Thanks! (Please note that you can not post any comment on my blog, as its only open to members and there are no members :P)

And finally if all goes well then, I will be going to Jurong Bird Park this Saturday. I am still in process of syncing timing and date with others. Let’s see…