Backend to Frontline

I am logging with last remaining of my stamina tonight, so excuses for typos and other errors… OK?

I have used few of my muscles after long, especially of lips and body below waist… 

I have changed my profile from software engineer and become marketer today… I was distributing pamphlet to promote products and services. It was a good experience, but I don’t want this experience again … :D… It was damm so tiring, I have to remain standing in font of moving crowed and keep on smiling though out the day… I was distributing vouchers and smelling all possible flavors of deodorant and perfumes 🙂

Left home at 9:30 AM for Expo, as I have to be there by 11 to start and return back at 11 PM … badly sucked up

Software development and marketing are 2 different worlds … and not made for same kind of people …

Posting few pictures … rest later…

working from home

My laptop becomes a work station today… yah I was working from home… I have to solve some unknown problem, I have to explore uncharted territory … I was feeling like a person who doesn’t know swimming and thrown in seas… I have to learn swimming to save my … … life … but what a feeling now, when I finally solved it, can not explain…

I was continuously having an eye on TV and portals to get latest update on happening of Mumbai… Congratulations to commandos, who manage to wipe out terrorists…

It is going to another busy day tomorrow, when I will be on duty :D, I would like to enjoy that… so anyone wants to meet me, can come down to Sitex, hall 5, between 11 AM to 9 PM. I will try to log this new experience of mine, but can not commit any thing right now… as it will be very late when I will return … till then

Good night, b-bye and take care …



A lot of words are coming in my mind, but I am continuously failing to phrase them in a sentence. What I can mention here is that – my eyes went wet many times after reading news and thinking about those who died. Wet because of anguish and anger…

After coming out, now I can understand how much concerns any one will be carrying with him while visiting there in India.

I wish some thing must be done as soon as possible…

Answers for you

Q: Why all comments are disabled?
A: I don’t have enough time to read comments and answer them. Added my email at top right corner, so that you can write me and I will post your question with my answers, and update you also. Hope this will work.

Q: Can you add a shout box?
A: Working on that and will try to add this ASAP, again time issue so no dead line is decided for that.

Q: Why there is no picture of yours (i.e. me)?
A: To make my blog more presentable. 😀

Q: What do you do and why there is nothing related with your job?
A: I am a software engineer. It’s a personal blog Sir, so there is nothing much related with my job in my posts.

Remedy required

I woke up around half an hour early this morning, as I have reach at work early. I always find it hard to change my routine especially wake up timing, because I have to go against nature and FORCE things to ‘happen’, which I failed to do so, finally concluded after returning back… (Excuse me, if you are having your meal at the moment)

I have not planned, how to live 2 days of my weekend, I want to live until things seem smooth going. May be I will try to polish my forgotten skill of sketching, if any thing comes out good will share with you for sure :-) 

It (credit crunch) is spreading like a infectious disease and no one is immune to it, neither me… it has already started talking its toll; I am infected too but still surviving, not sure for long I can resist though… I wish they will come up with a good remedy soon …

Big Day




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Every one is there except me… More than 40
relative gathered there and most of them are there for quite some time. All of them
with whom I always wanted to meet at one place. This is not only a marriage, but a
very big gathering of distant and rarely met relatives.

Called several times to get updates on things going on there.
Despite my non-social nature, this was the event where I always wanted to be.

No excuses for my absence, forgiveness are needed…

St John's and Kusu Islands

Our ship caption

A little info about St John’s Island

Lunch @ St John’s

View of St. John’s Beach

Its a small shell, earlier used as currency in many countries… (I become Rich lor !!!). Size not more than 1.5 CM in length.

The Ferry

A little info about Kusu Island

Kusu Jetty

Famous Turtles

Comodo and Turtles in wish pond

Make a wish … Mine "World Peace" …

A wish at Kusu Kramat

Next Gen IT professional at Da Bogong Temple

Bonsai at Da Bogong Temple [Tree name ‘Wrightia Religiosa’]

Wishing Well at Da Bogong Temple… my wish "Peace between us" 😉

A row of Gymnosperms – ‘Cycus’, species?… duno, left Botany in 96 already :D… but remember that they use to grow 1 meter in 100 years…

Why this girl?…Yah !!! Good question… she was watching 2 kids playing in ferry and want to play with them… but her parents were not allowing, some time she was smiling (with joy of kids) and some times, I noticed sadness in her faced due to her situation as she was unable to play with them… Sorry, i failed to capture her face in sadness… otherwise no words would be needed…

Low Batteries – Sunil, Rishi, Rashmi…

Was trying to capture sky line of SG from various places, this one is best among worsts… This is the best i can do with "point in shoot cam". 😦