Festive Outing

Went to "National Museum of Singapore" today … I have become a tourist these days… though I am here in Singapore from 3 years, but rarely go out to know or explore any thing about this place… thought to know about history, so decided to go to museum, as this is the best place to know about past, and yes it was… another reason to do this was Anshu, as she is not here, its hard to spent time at home… 😦

Sad to know about history of Singapore, this was more like India – British rule, world war, mass killing, separation, communal riot etc… but what a wonderful growth, now its worlds 4th prosperous nation and definitely a jewel in Asia. My salutes to those who make this happen… their commitment and hard work must be worshiped.

I will not disclose much about this visit, as I wish every one should go there, see and get a feel …

Unfortunately I spent only one and half hours in museum as we started late and museum gets closed at 6:00 PM … will go there again may be with Anshu.

We haven’t had proper lunch, so I started feeling hungry just after coming out; ‘Little India’ was not far away from that place… we took MRT from City Hall to Little India…

What a crowd, oh my God. Diwali is tomorrow and people are doing some very serious shopping, roads were packed with pedestrians, there was very little room for cars and buses to go… they were crawling. We find a very good Punjabi restaurant and had some excellent dinner over there. Then decided to enjoy that crowd again and took MRT to back home… 😉