4Gig MicroSD

Dheeraj call me yesterday and ‘ordered me’ to come for lunch on Sunday, though he is staying next MRT stop to my place, but this is first time when I went there at his place. His family returned back few months back from India after vacation. I have finished all of work before lunch and went to his place. We had some excellent ‘Chooley-Bhatoorey’ together. Cool … thanks man 🙂

I was planning to increase memory of my cell, so I asked Sunil if we can go to Sim Lim for that… he recommended me to take a look at North Point first and then go to Sim Lim if need, I liked his idea… so after lunch and saying bye-bye to Dheeraj family, we went to North Point.

At Yishun MRT, Sunil saw a promo of Citi bank Credit Cards, so decided to fill the form before moving in to North Point. We are undergoing some crunch these days 😉 …

After finishing CC form related formalities, we went in, I think there is only one shop of computer accessories in North Point (not sure though). I already did some R&D that how much memory my cell can support… few forum recommended that, it can support up to 8 Gigs, but I was having my doubts on this, as my cell is quite old, so decided to go for 4 Gigs only. From 1 to 4 is quite good… now I can store more songs and pictures… without thinking of space… I remember that when I bought my first PC in 1999, it was having 4.3 Gigs of HDD and now days MicroSD of capacity 16 Gigs are available. (For those non IT, MicroSD has a size of almost equal to thumbnail, while HDD has a size of almost equal to palm.)

[A MicroSD. I tried to resize it to make almost equal to real]

No wonder in future, single thread of filter of cigarette will trace who smoked that.