Why blogging?

While going to India to drop Anshu and Aashi back home, I was sure that there is something very seriously wrong with my health, I was not sure that even I will be able to return back to Singapore or not. This could be a normal gastric ulcer to some deadly disease. I suffered a very painful attack which remains for a week and was losing my weight like any thing.

While sitting on plane, I was thinking of my two daughters, one who has to start talking and another who is still unborn, if this is going to be my last journey then what I am going to leave behind for them. Even I and Anshu have to know about each other a lot, as we spend very less time together.

Financially both of our families are strong enough to take care of my kids and wife after me, but my kids will miss a very significant part of my love and care for rest of their lives. I already felt that vacuity and still in pain from last 12 years, when I lost my mother. I prayed to God to give me some time to nurse my kids, so that they don’t need to ask anyone that how our father looks like, how he use to talk, what was his likes and dislikes and what was his nature etc.

I got His mercy and was able to walk second day after my surgery. While recovering I recalled words of my Dad, he always called me back home. Now I realized that internally he was very happy for what ever I have achieved and wants me to grow further, but he can not say "I love you and miss you son", as he always projected him self as strong man and wished us to become stronger. I got the exact meaning of "come back home", but I can say clearly and loudly that "I love you Papa".

I am not sure about rest of the world but hope these words, which I am logging here will help my kids to know me better and direct them to live their life fully.