I manage to get some time today to log about few things…

Monday – was a off for Diwali, did nothing for entire day… got a knock at the door in the evening (which is seldom, so surprised), he was a polytechnic student selling key rings, these key rings was designed by them (students) and manufactured by some one else… cost S$4, very costly for me… he tried to convince me for some time and I was bargaining, we finally manage to get a deal on 3 $, which was again bit costly for me, but I was impressed with his presentation and efforts, so decided to go for that.

Tuesday – my family back at home was celebrating Diwali, both of my elder brothers, their families and dad was there at my home town… I can imagine their joy and noise of kids there. Dad called me in the evening, when I was returning back from work in MRT, he was asking when your next trip is planned for India, what are you going to do this evening? Every one who knows me well was quite sure that, I am not going to do any thing. Though I was sensing cool breeze of winter, little warm sun shine, foggy morning, dew on grass and smell of firecrackers. Winters has just started over there…

Festive Outing

Went to "National Museum of Singapore" today … I have become a tourist these days… though I am here in Singapore from 3 years, but rarely go out to know or explore any thing about this place… thought to know about history, so decided to go to museum, as this is the best place to know about past, and yes it was… another reason to do this was Anshu, as she is not here, its hard to spent time at home… 😦

Sad to know about history of Singapore, this was more like India – British rule, world war, mass killing, separation, communal riot etc… but what a wonderful growth, now its worlds 4th prosperous nation and definitely a jewel in Asia. My salutes to those who make this happen… their commitment and hard work must be worshiped.

I will not disclose much about this visit, as I wish every one should go there, see and get a feel …

Unfortunately I spent only one and half hours in museum as we started late and museum gets closed at 6:00 PM … will go there again may be with Anshu.

We haven’t had proper lunch, so I started feeling hungry just after coming out; ‘Little India’ was not far away from that place… we took MRT from City Hall to Little India…

What a crowd, oh my God. Diwali is tomorrow and people are doing some very serious shopping, roads were packed with pedestrians, there was very little room for cars and buses to go… they were crawling. We find a very good Punjabi restaurant and had some excellent dinner over there. Then decided to enjoy that crowd again and took MRT to back home… 😉


Saw new kind of bus, while returning back from office… good part was that, it was wheel chair accessible, but was having less seats and more space to stand. Was thinking, if daily I have travel in this kind of buses then, its will be very less likely for a person like me to get seat (LOL), who most of times use to walk on others feet 😀

4Gig MicroSD

Dheeraj call me yesterday and ‘ordered me’ to come for lunch on Sunday, though he is staying next MRT stop to my place, but this is first time when I went there at his place. His family returned back few months back from India after vacation. I have finished all of work before lunch and went to his place. We had some excellent ‘Chooley-Bhatoorey’ together. Cool … thanks man 🙂

I was planning to increase memory of my cell, so I asked Sunil if we can go to Sim Lim for that… he recommended me to take a look at North Point first and then go to Sim Lim if need, I liked his idea… so after lunch and saying bye-bye to Dheeraj family, we went to North Point.

At Yishun MRT, Sunil saw a promo of Citi bank Credit Cards, so decided to fill the form before moving in to North Point. We are undergoing some crunch these days 😉 …

After finishing CC form related formalities, we went in, I think there is only one shop of computer accessories in North Point (not sure though). I already did some R&D that how much memory my cell can support… few forum recommended that, it can support up to 8 Gigs, but I was having my doubts on this, as my cell is quite old, so decided to go for 4 Gigs only. From 1 to 4 is quite good… now I can store more songs and pictures… without thinking of space… I remember that when I bought my first PC in 1999, it was having 4.3 Gigs of HDD and now days MicroSD of capacity 16 Gigs are available. (For those non IT, MicroSD has a size of almost equal to thumbnail, while HDD has a size of almost equal to palm.)

[A MicroSD. I tried to resize it to make almost equal to real]

No wonder in future, single thread of filter of cigarette will trace who smoked that.

Week summery

Its 9:30 AM and Sunil is still sleeping … how can some one sleep this late on weekend, if he daily waking up at 6:30 for work. Damm it!!! I am fooling around since 7…

Any ways, quick summery of week, I got an invitation from a board to join my school community created online, I joined that and also spread the word to others, with whom I am still in touch with. I posted few good old memories over there; it was so beautiful to recall good old days. Days passed quite fast?

Was in touch with family and relatives, Brother (BK) who is in share trading is passing tough time due to this global recession 😦

Preparations of Gudiya’s marriage is going on well. Both of them are techie, so I told her to gift them a laptop, whenever I will meeting her next time. Still not sure that will I be make it to reach their marriage or not …

Why blogging?

While going to India to drop Anshu and Aashi back home, I was sure that there is something very seriously wrong with my health, I was not sure that even I will be able to return back to Singapore or not. This could be a normal gastric ulcer to some deadly disease. I suffered a very painful attack which remains for a week and was losing my weight like any thing.

While sitting on plane, I was thinking of my two daughters, one who has to start talking and another who is still unborn, if this is going to be my last journey then what I am going to leave behind for them. Even I and Anshu have to know about each other a lot, as we spend very less time together.

Financially both of our families are strong enough to take care of my kids and wife after me, but my kids will miss a very significant part of my love and care for rest of their lives. I already felt that vacuity and still in pain from last 12 years, when I lost my mother. I prayed to God to give me some time to nurse my kids, so that they don’t need to ask anyone that how our father looks like, how he use to talk, what was his likes and dislikes and what was his nature etc.

I got His mercy and was able to walk second day after my surgery. While recovering I recalled words of my Dad, he always called me back home. Now I realized that internally he was very happy for what ever I have achieved and wants me to grow further, but he can not say "I love you and miss you son", as he always projected him self as strong man and wished us to become stronger. I got the exact meaning of "come back home", but I can say clearly and loudly that "I love you Papa".

I am not sure about rest of the world but hope these words, which I am logging here will help my kids to know me better and direct them to live their life fully.

National Orchid Garden Singapore

All goes well today and as planned… After finishing our breakfast, we searched on net about National Botanical Garden Singapore and how to reach there…

Left home at around 2:00 PM. We were about to reach Khatib MRT and received a call from Anurag … he was urgently in need of some money, so we decided to returned back and do the transfer… After finishing the transfer, we took train to Orchard and cab to Botanical Garden from there …

My motive was to take pictures of Orchids, so without wasting our time, we moved ahead to Orchid garden…

Sun was in full shine and we were sweating … I was looking like a person who just came out from pool of oil. We started roming around, me alone took more than 50 pictures using N95 and later re sized to make it fit to upload… so please excuse me, if you find these not satisfactory … OK? 🙂

You can click to enlarge these though ….

Just to add … it was a great day for photography …