Tell you a story –

I was planning to write this since long, but was feared for any confrontation, so finally decided not to mention any name, location or time and to proceed ahead with writing this.

It’s a real story which happened with me.

Long time ago, it was only 4-5 months when I joined a job and use to travel by bus, my office was far away from the place where I was staying. It was normally use to be a very boring journey from home to office and back home. Most of time bus remains full and some time I have to travel long distances by standing in the bus.

One day while going to office in a packed bus, I saw a very beautiful girl standing 3-4 persons next to me, I was mesmerized. "What a beauty" I thought in my mind. Though I was traveling in the same bus from last 4-5 months, but never saw her before. Well, when I realized that no one is noticing me, I started looking at her from time to time. I have a habit of listing songs while traveling in bus and those days also I was listing songs with my ear phone on.

After few stops I manage to get a window seat in last row of bus. I was the happiest man on earth when I saw that she got a seat beside me. Yes unbelievable but true, she was sitting just next to me. To make her feel comfortable, I started looking out from window (opposite to her) with my head phone on. It was very difficult for me to accommodate my self in such a small place, but was happy. I was not feeling any pain in my knees which was crashing with the seat in front.

A couple of stops passes by and I was deeply in my thoughts, thinking whether I will be seeing her again or not, even though volume on ear phone was full but I was thinking that what will happen tomorrow when I will not be seeing her again in bus.

All of sudden that beautiful girl moved and sits on next vacant seat. While moving she looked at me like she have seen her first the most disgusting person on this earth. This was our first eye contact … eye contact because I turned towards her when I realized that there is a movement. Her look towards me was so annoyed that those few people who sitting or standing near me, started looking at me. I was very much sure that I haven’t done any wrong with her, I was not even looked at her once after sitting, but I can not explain this to her, neither I can ask her why she is saw me like this or why she is moved to another seat.

I was badly embarrassed, and to not let it get reflected, I turned my head back towards window and pretended that nothing has happened and I am enjoying my songs. Now my thoughts have changed, I was sad and was feeling humiliated. I was thinking why she moved to another seat, why she looked at me like this… etc. volume of my ear phone was full but I was not at all listening that.

I reached my office and while coming down from bus, I saw that she is also coming down. As there were other offices in the same campus and even my office was scattered across multiple buildings and multiple floors, so I was not surprised at all. I took out my ear phone and moved towards office. As I was having enough bad taste in my mouth, I didn’t even noticed that where is she going?

A couple of days later, when I went to another department for some work, I saw her wondering around, "Oh My God, she is in same company" I thought in my mind. I pretended again that I haven’t noticed her or I ever saw her and moved ahead.

Now we started meeting quite often in the bus. As our office timing was same, so most of time we use to meet while coming to office. I never reflected that she is in the same company or even I saw her before, as I already had enough bitterness in my mouth. After couple of more meetings in bus, I thought to change my timing, so started changing my time, some times early, some time bit late, while going to office or coming back home. Unfortunately we started meeting even more often and most of time both to and fro. I was clueless what to do; there was no other alternate than bus. I don’t want to see her in bus; I don’t want to travel with her. Then I started skipping from bus, if we meet at the bus stop, I remembered that I came out from the bus few time after finding her in the same.

I was so paranoid, that I become choosier with my seats and started avoiding sitting with any girl.

Slowly with time my bitterness gets dissolved and I made compromise to travel with her. Even after that we never talked, never said "hello" to each other, but we both were aware that we work in the same company. I think what she was expecting me to come forward for a chat; I am very much sure that she doesn’t even remember the first incidence which happened between us. I never started any conversation with her ever due to my fear, neither she.

Time passes by and in a Monday I haven’t seen her for entire day, then Tuesday and then Wednesday. I become curious to know about her. I went to her department and saw some one else was sitting on her chair, means either she resigned or she was fired.

A long time has passed since then and it is still a mystery that why she move away from me. This question will remain there for ever.

So, that is how a cat and mouse story ended.

If you are expecting a "happy ending, sweet love story" then excuse me please, as this is truth, which is not always sweet.