Get togather, Dinner & F1

Woke up late this morning, but feeling fresh and relaxed, no hassle-passel, so started slowly and without missing out any thing. This is what usually happens in weekdays when I use to forgot things :D. Though I am a careful person and normally create a list of tasks in my mind which I need to finish, but some times I use to miss few due to lack of time.

There was one thing for which I was careful, that I have to do the preparations for dinner, as my very old friends Anurag and Shubhee (my classmates of PG and now married) and Rishi and Rashmi (worked with Rishi in Philips, who is from same state U.P. as I am) will be coming for dinner. Though Shubhee was telling that we will cook together, but I have to do the shopping to collect small-small things.

After finishing our routine weekend tasks, both me and Sunil went to Khatib Central market to do the shopping. There were few things which we can not get here, so I bought those from Mustafa, while returning back to home from office yesterday.

Anyways by 5:30 PM we were back to home with all those things which required. Yes we manage to collect all those spices and vegetables, which are required for dinner menu. I always find it hard to collect spices and oil required for North Indian Cuisine in near by places, luckily got every thing today.

As per my last conversation with Shubhee, she told me that they will be here at 5, but Anurag has to go to office due to some work so they came late, very-very late actually. We started at 8 and finished our cooking by 10, as we were 6 people and 5 dishes so this was expected. Other than curry rest other things were quite fast. Anurag was busy most of time preparing curry and he burn up his neck with hot oil bust while doing this. Thanks God it was not major. Other than curry, we had Jeera-Rice (cumin seeds and rice boiled together), Raita (yogurt, messed cucumber with salt), salad (onion, tomato and cucumber slices with lemon juice and salt) and Roti (in North India it’s different, it’s not like roti-parata or chapatti).

The way Anurag prepared curry was quite different and its taste was not like what I was expecting, but it was MIND BLOWING, he has done some very good job with very less oil and spices. This was the first time when I saw anyone using milk in curry.

We enjoyed F1 qualifying rounds with dinner. Both ‘Anurag and Shubhee’ and ‘Rishi and Rashmi’ left at around 11:15 PM. We had some great time together and a superb dinner.

Vessels are still there in basin to be cleaned and me and Sunil has to do it before we finally go to bed.

Posting few picture of this event with details 🙂

[Anurag preparing curry]

[Rishi’s contribution – watching TV all the time ;)]

[finished dinner and enjoying F1 qualifying round]

Sorry I am not in a single picture as i was the person who was taking those pictures.