!!! Happy Birthday To Me !!!

As expected, it was a calm day as far as my Birthday concerns. Away from family and friends so was expecting less calls, messages and that is what happened.

Unlike earlier years when I use to enjoy with friends and family with a lot of best wishes, last 2 years received only few phone call, some forwarded email and SMS and more excuses later on, surprisingly got some overwhelming wishes from colleagues, who came to my desk to wish.

My thanks to all of you…

I haven’t done any thing special and was happy from inside as I was not in mood to celebrate it, neither any one bother. There are only few people whom I know here… and most of them were planning to go to get a feel of F1 rather than thinking of joining me…

I would like to say my thanks to F1 organizers who have added one more peaceful day in my life this year 🙂

Called my scattered family in India one by one this evening, life seems to returning back to normal after Delhi blast and one untimely death in July.

If I take out wishes from the day it will become any other normal working day…

Tomorrow it is going to a different day; few of my very old friends are going to join me… I hope we will have some good time after very long time… will update you on this with pictures for sure…(I haven’t posted any picture since long… bad lah) till then b-bye, take care and enjoy Singapore’s First F1.